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Creating the brand DNA for a young basic wear brand

Helping a fashion brand find its voice and brand direction - and stand out because of it

Bareen - previously Bare En T-shirt, which translates to Just A T-shirt in Danish - was founded by four friends who concluded that it was surprisingly difficult to find a classic t-shirt that lived up to all their demands: Quality, look, fit, price and production.

As a result, Bareen was born. After initially producing t-shirts only (hence the original name), the Copenhagen-based brand has since added more pieces such as hoodies, tank tops, socks etc. The focus, however, remains on classic basic wear in good quality that can be styled in countless directions and never goes out of style.


Anthon Louis, Co-founder & Creative Director

“COPUS has helped us define the direction for our brand and helped us work with communication and branding in a structured and strategic manner”

We have helped Bareen establish themselves as one of the more popular young brands in the Danish fashion scene.



When Bareen participated in the Danish version of Dragon’s Den, they knew things might take off. That was great - but the brand wasn’t set up to truly capitalise on this. And Bareen knew that.

They needed a brand strategy - they needed a framework for their branding and communications efforts. That’s when COPUS came into the picture.



COPUS created a brand strategy to serve as a framework and guiding star for all Bareen’s communication. We first and foremost based the strategy on qualitative interviews with Bareen’s customers as well as a thorough brand workshop with the founders of Bareen - combined with desk research and our industry know-how. The actual strategy included, among other things, a core story, key message hierarchy, tone of voice guide, positioning map etc. We also created copywriting for the Bareen website based on the strategy. 

About a year later, Bareen decided to expand the product line and scratch the ‘T-shirt’ from the name. To mark the change, we helped Bareen re-position its brand and created an updated version of the brand strategy including creative concepts to bring it to life. We are also set to produce Bareen’s first ever brand film based on this.     



The goal was to define a strategy with two different purposes. From a strategic perspective, Bareen needed a direction that would capture what the brand is about and also help them stand out among the many, many fashion brands out there. On top of that, the strategy needed to function as a tangible guide for Bareen’s communication. Bareen wasn’t looking for a 200-page brandbook that would go straight to the drawer, but rather a set of real and easy-to-use guidelines that anyone working with branding and communication at Bareen could implement from day 1.    



We created the brand strategy centred on the term ‘uncomplicated’. A term that captures Bareen’s essence: Bareen is not trying to revolutionise fashion or save the world. They are not trying to low-ball their competitors on price either. Nor are they making crazy or provocative designs. They are simply creating timeless basic wear in really good quality, produced responsibly and sold at a reasonable price. They are cool but effortless, and they aren’t overthinking things. They are producing items that can be styled up or down depending on the setting, and giving people a blank canvas to create their own personal style from. Nothing more, nothing less. Not very complicated.  

We have helped Bareen establish themselves as one of the more popular young brands in the Danish fashion scene and contributed to Bareen growing significantly over the last two years. 

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