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BARONS is a shirt brand catering specifically to businessmen. The goal is to perfect the business shirt so the businessman doesn’t have to worry about what he wears but can put his energy into more important things. We helped BARONS lay a strategic foundation for the company’s branding efforts. Then, we produced the company’s first major brand film to actualize the new direction.


Bastian Lind

CMO, Barons

“COPUS captured the essence of Barons better than we ever could have dreamed of”

We helped BARONS refocus their entire brand strategy



In early 2020, BARONS participated in the Danish version of Dragons’ Den. Afterwards, they sold two months’ worth of shirts in a couple of hours and everyone wanted to get a hold of them - us included. We loved their no-bullshit approach to the products, their niche focus on perfecting the business shirt, and the way they were less concerned about fashion trends and more concerned about making their customers’ everyday life easier. Most importantly, we were excited about the potential of their brand. BARONS knew their brand had potential too, but they needed help picking a direction and executing it. They appointed us to do just that.



We created a brand strategy shifting focus away from the product and on to the man who buys it and wears it. We advised BARONS to go all in on a brand direction centered on the lifestyle and values of the man in the shirt. We wanted BARONS to create a tribe that is connected not by their love of shirts but by their shared mindset of confidence, efficiency and simplicity, among other things. A mindset that BARONS and their shirts represent. An essential part of that strategy was also to bring the brand closer to the customers’ everyday lives. We then wanted to create a brand video that captures the mindset and takes place in the world of BARONS’ target customers. A video that shows the man in the shirt as a true corporate warrior.



The goal was first and foremost to lay a strategic direction for BARONS’ brand. BARONS had tried a lot of different things but struggled committing to one approach. After deciding on a brand direction, the goal was to create a brand film capturing the essence of BARONS and their customers. We wanted to strike a balance between showing what they stand for and bringing the brand closer to the customer by showing actions that closely assemble the real lives of BARONS’ target customers.



The brand strategy has set BARONS’ new overall brand direction. It has given BARONS a specific plan for how to communicate across all channels in order to better position themselves and resonate better with its customers. It has brought focus to the brand in a way that supports BARONS’ general business goals. The brand film has captured the essence of this direction and shown what BARONS and its customers stand for. It has given BARONS significant awareness and been a great first step towards bringing the new brand direction to life.

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