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Budbee is a Sweden-based delivery firm with a mission to make online shopping easier and more sustainable. Charged with a self-learning system and bespoke algorithms, Budbee, which was founded in Stockholm in 2016, reaches more than 40 million people in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands either through their extensive network of parcel lockers or with home deliveries. In late 2022, Budbee joined forces with Instabox under the name Instabee. Together, they are set to become a billion dollar company and one of Europe’s largest delivery services.

Since early 2022, COPUS has been Budbee’s (now Instabee’s) Danish agency, leading all PR and communications efforts in the Danish market.


Ann Sonne, VP of Communication

“COPUS is a true part of the Budbee family and has played a big part in our success in Denmark. We love working with them - the team is proactive, supportive and quick, and provides relevant advice and great results!”

COPUS has generated more than 30 articles for Budbee in the first eight months of working with PR, and helped establish Budbee in the Danish market.



Budbee strives to make parcel delivery more sustainable while also creating an easier and more smooth experience for the end consumer. The company, which works with brands such as GANNI, Nespresso, NA-KD, H&M and many more, offers  flexible box and home delivery during hours when people are actually at home, and runs it all through a user-friendly app. At the same time, Budbee wants to make delivery more sustainable, e.g by utilising their technical expertise to optimise routes and fill rates, collaborating with cargo bike couriers and investing in solar panels at their terminals.  

With Budbee making Denmark a key priority among its new markets, COPUS was asked to help Budbee establish its presence and build brand awareness in the Danish market. Since early 2022, we have been running all Budbee’s branding and communications efforts in Denmark - and will continue to do so now that Budbee has merged with Instabox to become Instabee.



COPUS is activating Budbee’s brand through PR, LinkedIn content/ghostwriting and creative campaigns with Budbee and its partner companies. Overall, focus is on spreading the word about Budbee and its services among the target group while also establishing Budbee as both thought leaders and challengers in order to make the company stand out among its competitors. 



The goal was to make Budbee a household name in Denmark through the following:

  • Generate brand awareness in the Danish market: The first - and perhaps most essential - order of business was to spread the word of Budbee among the target group in the Danish market.
  • Position Budbee as the smoothest and smartest delivery solution: There’s a lot of delivery options out there. Box delivery, home delivery, parcel shop delivery etc. has been the go-to shopping option for most consumers for a while. A key goal of this collaboration was to stress to the target group why Budbee stands out.
  • Associate Budbee’s delivery options with fossil-free and renewable fuels: Aside from the solution being smooth and easy to use, Budbee stands out due to its commitment to sustainable delivery methods. That was important to communicate. According to a 2021 analysis by The Danish Chamber of Commerce, 36% of Danes are willing to pay extra for sustainable delivery.
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    In the first 10 months of our collaboration, including eight months of PR execution, we have generated more than 30 Danish articles for Budbee across both industry media, local media and national media. We have also produced a number of LinkedIn posts with an organic reach of up to 12,000 people, resulting in several direct leads. We have helped create copy for Budbee’s new website, advised Budbee on various strategic communications issues, and led a creative campaign between Budbee and Peech (one of their merchants). Overall, Budbee has become a much more well-known name in Denmark, and we have contributed to Budbee delivering almost 100% more packages by the end of 2022 compared to the same time the year before.

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