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It’s a deal - a COPUS campaign

Campaign: It's a deal

Taking a brand beyond product

Contractbook is a LegalTech company that believes in an automated and data-driven future. Their ambition is to make contracts as easy and streamlined as possible for everyone who uses them. COPUS helped Contractbook with It’s a deal – a campaign aiming to make everyone remember to celebrate the wins in life!


Niels Martin Brøchner, CEO at Contractbook

"The Celebration theme was a great contribution to Contractbook’s brand universe and a creative take on making dull contracts more sexy. The campaign was well-thought, well-executed and well-received".

Contracts - a cause for celebration.



Contractbook launched six years ago. Fast forward to today, Contractbook is now one of the biggest startup successes in the Nordics. The company was founded on the idea of making contracts as easy and straightforward as possible. COPUS helped Contractbook head into a new chapter – aiming to drive a narrative around Contractbook being more than a product.



Through the series of three campaign activities: hero stories, an explainer film, and a brand film – COPUS helped Contractbook convey their story and go beyond product. 

An initial campaign series, 'It's a deal,' focuses on inspiring people who recount their most important signature in life. The stories' main themes are not just on the wins but also on the importance of celebrating the successes in life – big and small. 

How does Contractbook make the process of creating legal documents easier? How is a LegalTech company fun and quirky? The explainer and brand film, developed in close collaboration with Contractbook, focuses on clarifying Contractbook's core service in a fun and easy-going way. The films challenge the traditional take on corporate films and look towards a more lighthearted approach. The result speaks for itself; different, fun, and quirky films that hopefully explain and inspire viewers – and maybe even cause a few raised eyebrows.

All the above initiatives can seem risky and daring for some companies. However, when COPUS suggested them to Contractbook, they were on board immediately!



The main goal was to position Contractbook as a brand that spreads joy, helps people reach their goals, and brings progression to people's business and life. The campaign aimed to highlight Contractbook as more than a product. A contract isn't just a contract. It can be life-changing. ‘It's a deal’, should further inspire people to celebrate their wins. 



We reached a total of more than 500,000 views across social channels.

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