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Accelerating expansion with happiness

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An international journey

GOODIEBOX is a Danish beauty-tech startup. Their story is focused on building happiness for their members and we help them establish this message in the media. Throughout their European expansion, we help them gain massive media attention about their community, growth and products.


Rasmus Schmiegelow

CEO, Goodiebox

“COPUS has a lot of experience and skills, even though they’re young”

30+ earned media articles in 5 countries



GOODIEBOX is a fast-growing startup selling boxes with beauty products on subscription. Starting off in Denmark, they have expanded from one market at the beginning of 2018 to nine markets at the end of 2019. During this rapid expansion, GOODIEBOX contacted Copus to help tell their story, both in Denmark and internationally.



The stories have partly been centered on the growth and success of GOODIEBOX in order to validate the brand. We have also focus extensively on incorporating the company’s own vision of increased everyday happiness into the PR storytelling to make it a part of the target group’s perception of the company. Specifically, we have created and pitched stories based on the company’s careful and friendly customer service approach in an effort to push the happiness agenda and generate positive stories about brand loyalty. We also focus on how they have launched their own beauty brand based solely on feedback from the members of GOODIEBOX and use this to further stress their high degree of customer care.



The goal of this collaboration has been to further cement GOODIEBOX’ position on the Danish market and boost their credibility outside of Denmark through international media coverage. At the same time, it is a goal to make current and potential customers associate GOODIEBOX with everyday happiness which is at the core of the company.



Within the first couple of months of our collaboration, Copus delivered more than 10 dedicated articles in everything from Danish to European media, with the features initially focusing on expansion and funding. Later, we delivered features in Forbes and beauty publications like Glossy and Byrdie about GOODIEBOX’ crowdsourced sub-brand Comme Deux. In total, GOODIEBOX has received more than 30 dedicated articles during the first six months of our collaboration. “Working with PR has several benefits for us. It has an effect on current and potential investors, and it also has an impact on our partners. We work with major beauty brands and it adds an extra layer of trust, when they see us featured in big, international media. Lastly, it also sends a signal to our competitors,“ - Rasmus Schmiegelow, CEO and Co-Founder of Goodiebox.

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