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Announcing a brand new funding round

Creating visibility and customer attraction for Proper ahead of their expansion to new markets

Proper came to us with a story about their brand new funding round. We helped them tell the world about it in major Danish, German and international media outlets.


Philip Adrian, COO at Proper

“We’re super happy and excited about the push and value that COPUS created for us, and have received so much attention from relevant potential customers, great customers, investors checking in, potential partners reaching out and more. Thank you, team COPUS!”

In our collaboration with Proper, we created visibility and buzz in the media about the promising prop tech company that has just secured funding and is about to expand beyond Danish borders.



In the fall of 2022, Proper, a leading PropTech company that automates the old school and manual processes of property management, raised 3 million EUR in a new seed round. They were about to expand to new markets, and wanted to create visibility around that and position them as an attractive player.



We handled Proper’s funding announcement across the German, Danish and international markets. During our project, we worked closely with Proper’s management team as well as their investors to make sure everyone’s interests were taken into account and that this became a successful announcement not only for Proper but for the investors too.



Proper needed to create visibility and credibility in Denmark and new markets in order to attract new customers. Furthermore, the company needed reference articles that they could share in their dialogues with potential customers, showing that a third party had voluntarily vouched for their business.



COPUS’ efforts resulted in 11 total articles, including major German media outlet Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Berlingske, and others. This strong visibility in the media led to relevant potential customers reaching out to Proper, as well as an increased interest from candidates, investors, and potential partners.

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