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Let’s talk (about) politics.

SAGA is a youth democratic, non-partisan movement brought together with the shared goal of doing our part in solving the greatest political challenges of our generation. At COPUS, we are proud to support this mission and help empower our generation by creating spaces for them to voice their opinions and affect direct change through their unique set of interests and abilities.


Carl Kronika, co-founder of SAGA

"We are building a new political brand from scratch"

In just one year, SAGA has grown into one of the largest youth organisations in Denmark, with more than 1.500 members.



In June 2021, SAGA launched in Denmark. Starting a new brand and non-profit organisation from scratch can be challenging. So, we had to find a creative way to get the word out with very limited resources.



Besides ensuring that businesses and politicians know about SAGA through ongoing press coverage, COPUS focuses its firepower on Instagram - the young generation’s go-to place for seeking inspiration. Through weekly formats, we keep the target audience informed on the political and social landscape in Denmark and collaborate with political activists, young entrepreneurs, and celebrities to share their personal stories and the tools they use to make a difference in Danish society.



The main goal was to help SAGA become the biggest youth organisation in Denmark and position SAGA as a relevant and new type of political brand among the youth. A story people want to be part of – a conversation starter.



During the first year after the launch of SAGA, COPUS helped build a following of more than 4.500 across social media channels. Furthermore, we secured strong PR coverage in more than 20 national media outlets such as Berlingske, DR, Politiken and more. 

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