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Leading the evolution of the Turtle brand

Building a new brand identity

From being a company with a logo to becoming an attractive brand with a clearly articulated purpose and a distinct visual identity.


Marta Haugsand, Strategist at COPUS

The best part about working with Turtle is that they dare to be challenged, and that they're generous, down-to-earth and genuinely kind. They work with integrity and stand up for what they believe in — which makes this a next-level collaboration.

In our collaboration with Turtle we delivered an extensive brand manual including a new brand strategy and design guide for the new visual identity.



When we met the founders of Turtle, their business was thriving. Having created custom-made merchandise collections for Noma, MobilePay and Coffee Collective, Turtle had already built an impressive portfolio with some of Denmark’s most relevant brands. 

But when it came to their own brand, Turtle was lagging behind. A brand strategy had to be put in place, defining Turtle’s reason to be and ways to talk about their brand.



In our research with selected Turtle customers, it became clear that what people most appreciated was Turtle’s personal service, design skills, and sourcing experience. 

These qualities became the anchor not just for the development of a new brand strategy, but they also informed the creation of a brand new visual identity, which we co-created with our design partners Twentyten.



Our goals for this project were to position Turtle clearly and distinctly amongst competitors and thereby attract the right customers.



Besides delivering an extensive brand manual including a new brand strategy and design guide for the new visual identity, we have been supporting Turtle in presenting their new brand to the world, producing content for their website, social media channels, and driving all of their PR efforts. 

Over the course of four months, we got Turtle featured in 7 national media outlets. During that same time, we also helped them gain more than 200 new followers and more than 100.000 organic impressions.

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