Case: Zentabox






Vitamins and supplements on subscription


Brand workshop

Industry and target group research & analysis

Brand story

Tone of voice

Key messages 

Communications goals

Brand positioning

Communications plan including creative concepts for several channels

Taking a brand down a different road.

Helping find the right path for Zentabox

Zentabox creates tailor-made supplements on subscription. Based on a thorough, scientific test, they hand-pick the exact supplements people need in order to make healthy living both easier and more personal. COPUS created a new strategic foundation for the Zentabox brand in order to help them connect better with its target group and truly express the essence of the brand in all aspects of the company’s communication. 


Mikael Mohr, CEO at Zentabox

“COPUS re-energized our brand and gave it direction. They challenged us while still staying true to the core of Zentabox.”

COPUS created a brand strategy that captured the DNA of Zentabox as a company.



In the beginning of 2022, Zentabox was having a hard time retaining and connecting with its customers. On top of that, Zentabox had never really prioritised branding and communication. They figured there might be a correlation. COPUS was asked to create a clear strategic foundation and direction for the Zentabox brand that truly spoke to the customer base.



The first step was researching both Zentabox’ industry and competitors as well as conducting both quantitative and qualitative interviews with current and potential customers. Based on the findings from this process, we created a full-blown brand strategy. Then we created a communications plan with creative concepts to bring it all to life.



The goal was to provide a strategy that would give Zentabox a clear and tangible direction for its brand that could be implemented from day 1. In the long run, the goal is to help Zentabox connect more with its target group and decrease churn.



COPUS created a brand strategy that captured the DNA of Zentabox as a company - one that both gave Zentabox new perspectives on its brand while also formulating parts of the brand that used to be more of an intangible gut feeling.  

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