Go beyond product

September 15, 2022

1 minute read

Go beyond product

Just a catchy phrase or is there more behind our brand mantra?

"The first!”, "The cheapest!”, "The world’s best!” — We’ve all been pestered by flashy ads trying to win us over with a bunch of product features. But in an increasingly crowded and highly competitive marketplace, talking about your product isn’t likely going to make people buy it.. 

Ian Moore, founder of DEMI and previous Chief Brand Officer at Tonsser, puts it bluntly: "Where a lot of brands go wrong is that they constantly talk about themselves. Imagine a brand as a person, and you’re all hanging out at the pub. You have this one mate who just talks about themselves. That’s not fun. That’s just annoying".

At COPUS, we are privileged to meet a great deal of entrepreneurs with highly innovative products. Often, the first challenge is that these products might need some explaining. But how can we talk about a product and not be that annoying person?  

“Of course you think your own product is great because you are trying to sell it. But I don’t give a shit about how great you think your product is. The best way to resonate with a person, a group or a community is through telling a story — it humanises it.” 

As Moore points out: Tell a story about someone. That’s when you move people. They don’t buy into product features but into the fantasy of becoming someone and a part of something. They’re the heroes, and so they need stories that encourage them to become heroes. 

That’s why we tell our clients to go beyond product. What stories can they tell to align with people’s values and personal motivations? Who can they help people become? 

If you’re a brand and want to find out how to tell your story, we’re here to help.

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