We’re merging with TWENTYTEN and changing our name to PONDER!

Our good friends and long-time design partners over at TWENTYTEN will now join us in creating a new chapter in a joint brand agency we call PONDER.

Our mission is to create long-lasting brands with intentional presence. Now with more muscles and good people gathered at Allégade 13 and ponder.dk

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The world's most precious resource. Rare and expensive. COPUS is a communications agency that helps you earn it.

We make brands think beyond the product and empower their audience to drive growth and create impact. We work with innovative ventures and companies with a challenger mindset.

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We build the brands of tomorrow


Brand Strategy

Your brand is defined by people’s perception of it. Our job is to influence those perceptions by making bold and informed decisions.

Research trends, competitors, customers 

Define brand goals

Define customer archetypes

Brand positioning

Tone of voice and brand personality 

Craft brand story

Conceptualise communication activities

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Finding your voice in an increasingly complex and ever-changing world can be challenging. We help cut through the noise and deliver a clear direction.

Our approach to strategy starts with an exploration of the world that surrounds your brand – it identifies relevant opportunities to develop a strategy that is meaningful to people and your business. This includes defining your why, your story, your tone of voice, and value propositions that resonate with your audience. Then we plan concrete communication activities to bring your strategy to life across all channels.


Public Relations

Take control of your narrative. We help you tell the right story to the right audience through the right outlets.

Strategic PR planning

Locating your stories and PR potentials

Outreach to journalists

Media training

Ongoing media monitoring

Crisis- and issues management

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PR is about telling the right story to the right audience through the right outlets.

We help you build a presence in relevant media to build awareness or improve perception. With your input, we research stories and target media that match your goals and KPIs - whether it’s to internationalize your brand, become a thought leader in your industry, or boost sales of your latest product. Our personal approach to PR includes writing tailor-made pitches for each journalist - and then help you prepare for interviews when the press wants your opinion on something. Finally, we observe the media landscape and help you react to topical stories that might emerge.


Social Media

Manage your brand across channels

Organic content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Ghostwriting for upcoming thought leaders

Influencer marketing across social media channels

Community management

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We help you create and structure creative social media content as a focused way to reach customers online.

We write copy for all social channels, make video snippets for social media ads, manage your influencer marketing activities, and more. We handle everything from conception to production across any channel, making the narrative and content coherent. Then we help you plan, structure, and execute it all.


Film Production

Bring your story to life

Pre-production: Treatment (incl. storyboard & scripting) 

Production of film and stills

Post-production: Editing, color grading, sound design etc. 



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Use film to give your storytelling life and bring your target group and your brand closer to each other.

We use film to add a visual aspect to your branding efforts. We handle everything from planning to production: We define strategic goals of your film project, we create concepts, we make treatments and production plans, we write scripts and storylines, we handle all practicalities, we help you plan the distribution, and then we shoot and edit the whole thing. We produce grand brand films, short snippets for social media, and everything in between.

We partner with companies challenging business as usual
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Here you will find how-tos and stories on how to build brands and boost your company through storytelling. And sometimes a bit about us too.

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