Generation C: A new podcast by COPUS

November 23, 2022

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Generation C: A new podcast by COPUS

They are the misfits, visionaries, and trailblazers. They write their own story. They are Generation C. 

Hosted by Carl Kronika and Julius Gabel, co-founders of COPUS, the new podcast ‘Generation C’ dives into the creative minds of this new generation defined by the creative urge in people, and not just by their birth year.

Throughout the past five years, Carl Kronika and Julius Gabel have crossed paths with many exciting and creative people. By having had many meaningful conversations with these people, Carl and Julius wanted to create a podcast where these conversations could be shared with all of you listening:

"We wanted to make this podcast into a platform where we can share these great conversations we have had with these exciting and creative people throughout the years, but hopefully also meet new people along the way." - Carl Kronika.

The intention behind ‘Generation C’ is to create a platform and a space where we can tap into these conversations about creativity, growth, and the good life. Here we will touch upon topics such as how these people got started, what drives them, the ups and downs of their journey, and how creativity today flows across different fields.

For us, creativity is the driver in our life and business. It is a force that constantly challenges us to think differently, and by creating this podcast where we have conversations with guests rooted in creativity, we hope to gain a lot of new knowledge as well as pay tribute to the creatives of this new generation - Generation C. 

The first episode of ‘Generation C’ will drop Friday the 16th of December 2022.

We hope you will follow and listen along!

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