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The BioInnovation Institute foundation (BII) is an international foundation with a nonprofit objective. BII operates an incubator to accelerate world-class life science innovation that drives the development of new solutions by early life science start-ups for the benefit of people and society.

COPUS promotes BII by telling the stories of some of its most significant startups and founders in several different film formats, including the series Taking the Leap.

BioInnovation Institute

Casper Linnemann, Head of Communication

“COPUS creates beautiful films for us that capture the vision and the passion of BII and our startups”

COPUS help attract world-class bio founders to one of the leading international health & biotech accelerator programs.



BioInnovation Institute - commonly known simply as BII - was established by the Novo Nordisk Foundation in 2017 and has since been established as an independent foundation with a non-profit objective. BII has worked tirelessly to bring great research ideas from the lab into the real world in the form of tangible solutions and successful early-stage start-up companies. The story of BII is first and foremost the story of its startups and its founder-friendly acceleration programs - and BII needed someone to tell those stories through various video productions. COPUS created a film concept called Taking the Leap that brings the vision of BII to life through its startups. Each episode focuses on one selected startup. It has now run for three seasons over two years. Additionally, we are creating smaller film projects for BII on the go in order to support their branding efforts even more.



BII’s startups are the essence of BII. Therefore, when finding ways to market BII, we knew their efforts shouldn't be too centered on BII itself but instead focused on the people and the companies that BII supports: The startups in their portfolio. Each of BII’s startups has a unique vision and an impressive product with the potential to move industries and change the life of countless people. That’s the stories that needed to see the light of day.



The goal was to add a new aspect to BII’s marketing and branding by showing the industry what BII is all about in a creative and honest way. Additionally, a goal has been to attract even more competent and relevant startups to BII's programs.



So far, COPUS has created a total of 17 films (and counting) for BII, spread across three seasons of Taking the Leap as well as eight additional films about anything from award shows to new startups to collaborations with e.g., Novo Nordisk. We have told stories of passionate founders and groundbreaking ideas; of sacrifice, motivation, and exceptionally talented people that look at the world, believe we can do better - and then actually do something about it. We have covered everything from companies fighting against cancer to a nurse and a doctor re-thinking the ostomy bag to a serial entrepreneur developing new carbon capture solutions, and much more.

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