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The hunt for the good investment

Nordnet One: The hunt for the good investment

Let’s democratise investment

Nordnet is a leading pan-Nordic digital platform for savings and investments. Through innovation, simplicity, and transparency, they challenge traditional structures and give private savers access to the same information, tools, and services as professional investors.


Andreas Stær, Head of Marketing at Nordnet

"We're really satisfied with our collaboration with COPUS. It's been very easy. They're highly professional people with good ideas and the ability to bring them to life, so we've felt like we were in safe hands all along".

The hunt for the good investment



How do you democratise something as complex and information-heavy as the investment industry?

Nordnet has made it their mission to democratise savings and investments, and with their newest initiative Nordnet One they have made a complete solution for investing your savings at a low cost.

So when Nordnet approached us and asked if we could come up with a creative idea to spread the word about Nordnet One, we made it our main goal to create an educational, inspiring, and humorous brand activation. A brand activation that would portray Nordnet One as a transparent, simple, and complete solution for your savings.

We asked ourselves what we thought would make it easier for people to start investing. For us, it was important to add humour and relatable situations to make it as tangible, trustworthy, and inspiring as possible for someone who is new to investments.

With that in mind, we started brainstorming and decided to pitch a two-folded brand activation to Nordnet – a short film and an exclusive preview event for a tailored audience. We believed that a short film in a documentary style would make it possible to capture the essence of the case we wanted to shed light upon.

Together with Flow Production, we created a storyline with a serious, warm, and humouristic tone to it, with scenarios that are easy to relate to, and where some of the most common questions and concerns are raised.



To make the storyline and our ideas come to life, we teamed up with DJ and radio host Nicholas Kawamura as our protagonist, investment expert Lau Svenssen, consumer economist Ann Lehmann, and art collector Jens-Peter Brask as our experts. By asking them to “play” themselves in the short film and not having a script we were able to create a short film that captures exactly what we wished for – the relatable real-life concerns you may have as a new investor in a fun and down-to-earth way while still keeping the serious aspect of investing.



Our main goal for the short film was to transform something complex and information-heavy into something tangible and easy to understand.

By hiring the right cast, listening to the client’s wishes while also challenging them to move a bit outside their comfort zone, and articulating some of the barriers associated with getting started with your investment journey we were able to meet our goal.

When it came to the premiere event, our main goal was to create the perfect surroundings for an inspiring, fun, and educational event where the guests would have the chance to network and get to know Nordnet better and at the same time, capture the film and surroundings through social media.

By collaborating closely with Nordnet and the event space The Audo, we hosted an event that exceeded our expectations and left the guests with a smile on their faces and a bit wiser!



To create extra attention around the short film and use the opportunity to gather people from the industry, we hosted a premiere event together with Nordnet. The event took place at The Audo, which served as the perfect setting for hosting an intimate event.

The campaign launched in November 2022 and these are the performance numbers from February 2023 coming directly from Nordnet.

The content campaign has made users ”lean in” to the Nordnet brand and spend more time with the brand than Nordnet was used to. That is seen in:

1. Significantly higher engagement in social media vs. other Nordnet campaigns

More comments and likes ▪ Lower cost pr. click

Significantly higher CTR

2. Strong organic performance and word of mouth

High number of shares from event + community building/strengthening

Positive response on film in organic channels

Long time spent on our site

3. Short term peak in new customers in NordnetOne

The numbers: 

218.000 true views on YouTube

13.500 organic plays on Facebook

16.700 organic plays on Instagram

7.439 page views on website in the first month with an avg time: 15 min 16.sec.

8,8 million paid impressions across Meta and YouTube

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